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Your 5-Day Fitness Bible Study is on it's way.

If you're exhausted, don't have energy for meal planning, and are tired of expensive and complicated protocols, keep scrolling . . .

Can we get real for a second my fellow worn out woman? If I took a peek at your diet I might find . . .

  • Coffee and carbs to kickstart you out of bed and into a hectic day of carpools, conferences, and probably some candy.

  • Maybe you feel like you're sabotaging yourself at night and you're starting to think after 9 pm you should have your mouth stapled shut (been there).

  • Or maybe you buy a new weight loss book every year but you can't handle the prep work or cauliflower pizza so you fall off the wagon.

It's not like you want these things to happen.

You've tried every trick and diet the weight loss industry handed you with their unrealistic before and afters. And no one in the church told you God was interested and had something to say about what you eat.

But I'm here to tell you it's not your fault

You see those things weren't built for the whole person you were created to be, body, mind, and spirit. They were never intend for women who don't idolize their bodies and selfies.

What you need to pair with your 5-Day Fitness Bible Study is a simple meal plan for busy women that takes out the guess work and saves you time. You need whole food created by God and prayer to fuel your busy days.

I'd like to introduce you to the 14-Day Meal Plan for Worn Out Women. With simple guidelines and a focus on prayer, it includes:

  • 14 days of whole foods meal plans

  • Weekly grocery lists

  • 3 daily meals + 1 snack

  • Bonus 1: 14-Day Health Tracker

  • Bonus 2: Special Occasion Recipe Bundle

  • Bonus 3: eBook - 25 Hilarious + Helpful Meal Prep Tips

Regularly $25, you can grab it now for $14.

Go from worn out and overwhelmed to full of energy and confidence in your food choices!