Sam's Healthy Pregnancy Story

We love working with our baby mamas after and DURING pregnancy! Look at the difference a regular exercise program has made for Sam!

"My weight gain has been slow and at a healthy pace (17lb at 35 weeks), and instead of blood pressure in the 130s/80s it's been consistently 110s/60s.

Physically I feel like a completely different person. I haven't experienced anywhere near as many pregnancy discomforts this time around. For instance, I had lots of round ligament pain in my first pregnancy. This time I've had none, and I credit my strong core and the support it has given those ligaments! I've been able to be far more active - able to keep up with my 2 year old!

Having my workout at a consistent, scheduled time where I can just show up, do it, and go home (not a lot of brain power on my part!) has kept me going and made it "easy" to remain this active. Getting to to workout alongside my friends (at all stages of pregnancy/postpartum) makes it fun too!"

Congratulations to Sam on her healthy pregnancy! We can't wait to meet her new babe when she comes back to us after delivery!

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