Pray, Think, Pray More

My religious and political upbringing was twofold and confusing for me! With that being said, I’d love your thoughts on the topic below.

Let me explain first though

👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 I grew up feeling divided with a lot of whiplash about religious and political beliefs. I was always exposed to a wide variety on both the religious and political spectrums.

On one hand I’ve been thankful for the diversity of thought because I was taught strong opinions about Christianity, politics, and weather or not we should blend the two.

I was raised in two households. I grew up in a divided-divorced family.

One household was a legalistic, conservative Southern Baptist environment with a lot of Fox news. There were tons of discussions about end times, a love for former President Reagan, and The Founding Fathers. The other was a liberal environment with a good dose of union supporting coal-miners from hard-working small town America. There were a lot of discussions about socialism, the economy, progressivism, and taxes.

This isn’t about politics, but instead meant to express the need for true critical thinking in a world influenced by extreme FAKE NEWS from social media. I’m curious, who of you grew up in a similar situation?

How long has it taken you to find your footing, think through what really matters to you, and come to your own opinions about religion, faith, politics, and beyond? Did you lean towards one or the other? Did you bounce back and forth for years? Did you feel confused for a long time? Are you great at seeing everyone’s view points?

Honestly. Please share. It matters.