Let today be enough.

I’m not always sure why, but I get a lot of comments and questions asking “how do you and Dennis do it?” I usually giggle inside because we often feel like one big hot-mess while managing Dennis’ businesses, grad school, ministry, family life, marriage, workouts, volunteering, and 5 teenagers. When I’m 100% honest with myself though, I think it comes down to a written to-do list (and a lot of God’s grace for ourselves).

Dennis is a master at business systems and efficiency. Between the two of us, he’s honestly the more organized and task driven. He makes lists for both big and small projects. I’ve had to adapt and learn over the years as I went from stay-home mom for 13 years, to business owner, to ministry, to grad student.

We’ve both made use of different types of online organizing tools and calendars. We’ve tried various apps, but nothing compares to a physically hand written to-do list that you can tactilely cross off. You can’t beat the satisfaction of writing it by hand and then marking a line through each completed task. Can I get an AMEN!

It’s a summer Monday afternoon, and I’m just now getting to write my weekly and daily tasks. I usually start it on Sunday nights, but we did basically nothing as we relaxed for Father’s Day. I had a hard time getting busy today. I’m just now getting to my lists and that’s ok.

To-do lists keep me grounded and focused. It’s easy to feel like “I got nothing done today.” Even though I don’t always get everything crossed off, it feels great to know I’m at least making a little progress everyday. Just like my metal word art says in my office: “Let whatever you do today be enough.”