Leftovers are your friend!

The healthiest people I know eat tons of leftovers. Why? Because, the healthiest people I know prep their foods on the weekends. The healthiest people I know are busy productive people who understand that an hour of prep on the weekend saves 3 hours of stress and frustration during the week. The healthiest people I know eat leftovers because its efficient! How to make leftovers your best friend:

  • Make a hearty soup on Sunday and serve it to your family on Wednesday

  • Cook your lean ground beef for tacos on Sunday so it cuts your Tuesday night dinner-prep time in half.

  • Pre-cook your brown rice for the week

  • Pre-cook your steel cut oats for the week and measure out 1 cup portions to store in your refrigerator

  • When you are making roasted veggies, kale chips, scrambled egg muffins, always make double so that you and your spouse can take the leftovers for lunch the next day.

  • If you make baked chicken, cook 2-3 extra. Then, dice the left over ones up for you and your spouse (or children) to toss in a salad the next for lunch

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