Is 3 a crowd?

Do you believe 3 is a crowd or 3 is a party?

We (Candace, Bree, and I) believe that 3 is ABSOLUTELY A PARTY? We meet together for strength training, laughter, and healthy accountability in the early mornings.

3 is better because when there is only 2, and 1 partner cancels, the other is left hanging. But with 3, there’s always a fun party waiting at the gym!

In addition, we’re always covered with 3 because our different personalities bring unique aspects to the fitness party. We look forward to engaging in authentic conversations, instant laughter, and reciprocal encouragement.

When I think of “the power of 3,” I think of the Trinity. God models community to us through His picture of a Holy Trinity. The unique aspects of God The Father, Jesus The Friend, and Holy Spirit as The Comforter, allows us to be fully loved, known, and covered in our faith.

Let’s remember to practice community with our healthy routines by first inviting Jesus into our self-care practices, and other Christian women into our workout routines.