How to look forward to weekly meal prepping.

Look forward to family meal prepping with these 10 tips.

1. GUM- you need a stick of gum to smack on while you food prep for 2 hours so that you do not eat all the goodies before you get them into the fridge. Trust me, a bite here and a bite there can add up to be about 600 extra calories if you are not careful. Mama don’t got time to run off 600 more calories this week. Chew the gum while you cook. This is not snack time. Period.

2. You must have a super cute apron. If new hot pink running shoes get us motivated to go running, then a fancy, stylish apron will most definitely motivate you to prep, chop, and cook for 3 hours… or 4. But not 5 hours, after that you are a goner. Give up. A cute apron will not sustain your for 5 hours. You need a new process.

3. A Pinterest inspired chalkboard to write your family dinner meals on and display in the kitchen – this is a must. You must get this! You will feel legit and outstanding when you have all the food ready for the week and that list artistically written out in your best bubble or cursive handwriting. I don’t know why, but it just feels good!

4. A jam box. Shut Up! I know I am dating myself but you know what I mean. You need to pretend this a dance party and not a food prepping session. It’s too fun when your husband of 14 years walks in the room and you have your mom apron on and you’re bumping and grinding to “ICE ICE BABY” with a spatula in your hand. Watch out though, cause husbands get ideas when wives dance around in aprons with spatulas in their hands! Just saying- BEWARE! You know what I am talking about! Be forewarned!

5. COMFY mom pants are a must. First, because mom pants (AKA pajamas) MIGHT keep your husband from jumping your bones in the kitchen. Second, because mom pants are like yoga pants and do not remind you of your love handle left over from baby number 3, or 4, or 5. Comfy mom pants move freely and are non-judgmental with you food prep, thus keeping your attitude about this 2 hours task positive and chipper as you pretend you are Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker. I bet they wear mom pants all the time.

6. You cannot even start family food prepping without savvy plastic containers. What more can I say here? I advise you to get ones that look appealing in your fridge. They must stack perfectly so that you are not annoyed with the way the fridge looks when you open it. Because why? Because it matters. In addition, you need good portion control containers that help you measure out your veggies, meats, greens, and carbs. I love those 21 Day Fix containers. They are my #1 go-to for portion control measurements. These little containers do away with the stupid kitchen scale that I hated so much! So moms, you need these two types of containers: 1. High quality stackables that will match and look good in your fridge. 2. 21 Day Fix containers for easy portion control measuring.

7. Oh moms, you must include wine about ½ way through to keep the good mood going. Yes wine! Just pour yourself a glass of wine while you prep. You might want to spit out the gum first though. Remember, this is a dance party NOT a food prepping session! Lighten up. Chill out hot stuff. You’ve got this. A glass of wine will go a long way and you might even get lucky when your Mr. Right walks in the kitchen and sees you shaking your booty to Beyoncé’s “All the single ladies.” Just saying.

8. Food prepping is not complete without a mini- muffin tin. Why? Here’s a fast list:

  • Baked boiled eggs

  • Mini scrambled egg snacks

  • Mini healthy muffins

  • Baked oatmeal cups

These little muffin tins help to set your portions straight for both you and your family members! Period.

9. Do you have If not, then stop reading this right now and go sign up for it. You must also get the upgraded version for $40 a year. It also has an app that syncs with your phone and with EVERY member in your family, even your baby sitter if need be.

10. Lastly, you can make a fun “family spa water” treat that will sit in your fridge for several days with a large drink container. It is best to use a cute one that you might put out during a baby shower. One with a spout encourages kids (and you) to fill up their waters easily throughout the day.

Alrighty moms. Go try these things. See if it helps your process. I just want to advocate for you to do your weekly food prepping because it makes your weeks so much easier, it helps you stay on track with your calories, and it puts the power back into your hands!

I would love your feedback.

Love and Peace,