Hillary's Story | Babe-n-Fit Mom

At 6'0" tall, my body has never looked like everyone else. The number on the scale was never going to line up with those of my 5'5" friends. I was a dancer and like many young girls, I was never satisfied with my body or the scale. The typical teenage body image issues didn't help when I had to have surgery for scoliosis at age 15. Titanium rods the length of my back gave me perfect posture on a 6 foot frame that I simply couldn't hide. After high school, my dancing days were done and I struggled to find balance without the 2-3 hrs a day of dance after I started college. I often vowed to start running or dieting but nothing ever stuck. I kept reaching for goals that seemed too far away. I knew I wasn't overweight, but I wasn't fit either. I met the man God created to be by my side for life while I was I college. We got married as soon as I graduated and started a life in Kansas City. I got a job as a nurse while he worked on his degree in physical therapy. In 2013, we were elated to find out that our family was growing! Joy filled my every day and I knew I was going to need to take extra care of myself if I was going to carry a child inside my body. My child grew and I was amazed at the things my body could do! Half way through the pregnancy we learned the precious child was a girl and we named her Anna. The wonderful news came with devastating news too, though. Anna had a chromosomal abnormality and her body was fighting to stay alive. The doctors didn't think she would make it two more weeks in the womb. They recommended terminating the pregnancy but that was never an option for my husband and I. We loved our little girl and wanted her to have a chance to live. Anna was a little fighter and made it 6 more weeks before her little heart couldn't take it anymore. The day they couldn't find her heartbeat was the day my heart broke. I was induced two days later and delivered her in the hospital. My body wasn't ready to deliver but it did. The emotions are impossible to put into words. Even in death and sadness a mother can find joy and love with one look at her child. Anna's sweet little life was a gift and she changed me without ever taking a breath. The grief was unimaginable but God never abandons us. He quickly blessed us with another little life. Luke was born just 10 months later right on his due date in the hospital but without any medications. Our lives are a beautiful, crazy and wonderful mess because of that little guy! Parenthood, MOTHERHOOD!, is really something extraordinary! After giving birth to my son, the pregnancy weight fell off quickly... and then some. The number on the scale was what I always wanted it to be but back when I was in high school and college. But surprisingly, I hated my body. I felt like skin and bones, skinny and weak. The truth is, life happened. I, like so many mamas, had put everyone before myself and I my body wasn't the only thing that was sacrificed. I didn't have the energy to work as a full time nurse during the day and come home to my other full time job as a wife and mom. I finally started coming to Mendy's class when my son was six months old and it was the best decision I ever made for myself. I make it to class on my one day off during the week to attend the Barre class which I love! I feel proud of what my body has endured from major surgeries to delivering two babes to becoming what it is today. I feel strong and healthy because of Mendy's class. It has been an excellent way for me to bond with Luke and instill in him the belief that our bodies are a gift and it can be fun to take care of them! I never step on the scale anymore because no number could make me feel better than I already feel about my physical body and the energy I get from spending time with my child and other like-minded mamas and babes!

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