Discipline for 2019

My word for 2019 is discipline.

2018 was one of those years that took me by surprise. I went into it with zest, courage, and optimism. Near the end of 2017, my husband had a stroke and it was very traumatic for our family. While he fully physically recovered, my action oriented self took flight, and I was determined to make 2018 a win! However, that event gave the normal circumstances of life (raising teens, running our businesses, and maintaining a 21 year marriage) an extra layer of difficulty that we didn’t see coming. As my husband began to recover, our family unknowingly carried a heaviness into 2018. No amount of optimism that we personally conjured up, was enough to sustain the life trials headed our way for those 12 months. Despite best intentions, I came out of 2018 with hopelessness, despair, and weariness. With every trial we faced, I lost a little bit more motivation through every passing day. Without a full awareness, somewhere along the journey I stopped practicing most of the daily disciplines (meditating on God’s truth, exercising, sleeping) that created the feeling of a successful day. That led to more despair, frustration, and MANY DAYS of feeling unlovable. While the turning of the clock to another year will never magically change the worthlessness a woman can feel after she’s been dragged through emotional strain, small daily practices of self-care, self-talk, Biblical meditation, exercise, sleep, water, and journaling (carried out daily) can help to restore our love for life, and reset our eyes to see the beauty that God has created around us. In the month of December when I was praying about what God wants from me in 2019, I kept hearing Him whisper, “I want you to study discipline.” What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. I began to write, and write, and write. And I wrote a study. Actually, God wrote a study through me. It’s about 7 simple daily practices/disciplines that point toward Him. It's called "The 7 W FOCUS" and I feel called to invite you to it! I will lead my first For me, 2019 is about “discipline in the midst of grace a chaos!” Will you join me?