deep sweaty thoughts

Here’s a few questions for us all today.

1.Why do we need to workout? Why do we need to be at an optimal body composition?

2.Why doesn’t the big “C” church talk about the importance of self-care, exercise, and making our exercise an act of worship to God?

As Christians, I think we need to answer these questions in light of our relationship with Jesus and not through the eyes of vanity or self-worth. The world tells us one thing, the Bible tells us the exact opposite. This is something I ponder often and have become very passionate about. I even wrote a Bible study about it. It’s called The 7W Focus and it tackles these hard topics.

I’d love to share it with you, guide you through it, or help your church women’s group work through it. It’s an 8 week course that includes 5 daily lessons, a video at the end of each week, a daily tracker, and online membership resources with healthy tips and Biblical meditations.

Please message me if you’re looking for a new approach to health and fitness ... an approach that puts your relationship with Jesus at the center of it all!