Today I emotionally wanted to hit the sonic drive-thru and get ice cream, but I grabbed a bowl of blueberries instead!

Trust me, I’ve been struggling with emotional eating since my husband had a stroke 19 months ago.

It’s been hard. All of it. Life, kids, family, marriage, friendships, goals, school, motherhood - flat out hard. I sometimes catch myself turning to sweets instead of Jesus, and Chik-fil-A waffle fries instead of calling a Christian friend to cry.

I try not to shame myself that I’m still struggling to lose the 25 pounds I gained taking Lexapro during a 10 month anxiety battle after his stroke. On some days I’m not 100% positive I’ve fully worked through the anxiety and depression, but I’m still getting up and facing it every day.

I have to do a lot of checking in with Jesus through positive self-affirmations of God’s truths regarding His unwavering love for me. NO MATTER what my current body fat percentage is, no matter my dress size, no matter my struggle with the number on that scale, GOD sees my flaws, fears, and insecurities, but loves me anyway.

Ultimately today’s choice was a win-win because the blueberries ended up being super yummy and I felt better emotionally and physically after eating two full cups worth. In addition, obviously blueberries have tons of antioxidants and helped boost my mood and immune system.

It’s pretty amazing how eating food God literally put on the earth can help increase our mindset and mood. It’s like He knew what He was doing or something. 😉

Next time you are reaching for sugar in an effort to meet your emotional needs, instead try talking to Jesus while eating blueberries. It’s a much better combination. 🤗

Love, Mendy