Avoiding the summer MOM MELTDOWN and Bridget Jones ice cream moments!

Favorite on-the-go healthy meals

Yo moms! It’s hot out there! Today’s temp in my area will reach a heat index above 105! Yikes. Are you going to the pool? Hitting the local spray ground park? Maybe you have a day planned of indoor bowling and $2 movies. ‘Cause its’ summer and God- forbid you stay home and let those kids claw all over you. Must. Keep. Them. Busy!!!!!

I know you spent at least 15 minutes packing up all the things for your babies.

Diaper bag- check

Stroller- check

Swim things-check

Kid snacks-check

Water bottles-check

Extra clothes- check

Sanitary wipes -check

I know its like an “event “to get out the door . I know you felt a bit frazzled when you couldn’t find “special pacifier” or when your sweet child “accidentally” tossed his lunch all over the floor to see your reaction. In the midst of all that chaos your good heart just wants to get out the door and create smiling summer memories for your kiddos. In the midst of all that chaos you had no intentions of screaming at any one of those sweet-innocent-souls standing at your feet. THE. STRUGGLE. IS. REAL!

Let me remind you that you cannot forget to pack a little something for you to “go, go, go” with. Meaning, you need some healthy snacks too, girls! Before “they” send you “over the edge” with a coup against you to stop for ice cream or drive through for Sonic’s happy hour, you must have a plan. I know you don’t really set your daily intentions out with plans to consume 1000 extra calories of sugar and dairy blended with toxic chemicals called “Oreos”. I know your plan is to MAYBE grab the kids a little treat while you stay strong and just steal a few bits of their ice cream while they say, “hey mom stop,” and you respond in your passive aggressive voice, “hey people- I paid for those ice creams.” I know you don’t plan to just drive up to Sonic and say, “screw it, I am exhausted, they have worn me down and I deserve this treat too. “ I know you don’t plan on giving in while you’re almost in tears because the day didn’t go as blissful as you dreamed it while you laid in bed this morning waiting for them to “make sounds.”

So I want to help you be proactive. I want to help you make a plan.

Below are my favorite and moistest easiest (cause those are my words) on-the-go snacks. I always have at least one of them on hand, in my car, or in my purse. It helps me avoid desperate fast food moments. I cannot say I am always 100% successful at avoiding mommy melt down moments. I am sometimes a toddler inside too. If you are lucky you might catch me parked in the back of my favorite ice cream drive through, hiding from the locals with my eyes rolled in the back of my head, passed out from a sugar ice cream high. It has happened. Shh, don’t tell anyone! I am known to have some serious Bridget Jones- wrapped in a cocoon-ice cream mommy meltdown moments.

I do, however, avoid having those moments if I am prepared with healthy snacks always by my side!

Before I give you this list. I want to scream out: WAAAAAATTTTTTEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Are you first and foremost packing a large water cup for ONLY YOU to drink from. Many times we are dehydrated. Dehydration leads to sluggishness. Often times our bodies are starving for water and our emotions mistake that for hunger. Drink! Drink! Drink!

In addition to a ton of water, here are my top 10 frequently favorite to-go snacks that will help you tackle your mom-day!

1. A zip lock bag of almonds – always have these in your car. Always! Look, its survival here. You could live off these things if you had to.

2. Banana- mamas this is like the best sweet snack EVER! Your kids will try to steal this one from you, but stand your ground. Don’t share. You know how they are. The second they see you peeling the slimy strings off the edges they will say, ”can I have a bite mama.” That sweet pouty face will set in and you just might allow your mom guilt to overtake the dry empty hungry feeling in your stomach. I beg you! Don’t give in. Look at that cute tiny face and say, “hey you, get your own!!!”

3. Orange- see Banana description above!

4. High quality protein powder (I recommend Shakeology to all my clients)- I recommend a baggie or packet of this stashed in every secret compartment of your backpack, diaper bag, purse, and car!!! In a pickle all you need to have is cold water which you can pull over and grab at a gas station. Walk fast past the snickers bars with your hands suctioned tightly to the sides of you face as to avoid even see the candy bars. Go straight for the cold waters! Pour in the shake powder and shake!!!! Done! Craving over.

5. Trail mix- I don’t mean the kinds with white chocolate chips, m and m’s, and chocolate covered almonds. Need I say more?

6. Hard boiled eggs- dude, best on the go snack ever!!!!! Boil or buy these, toss them in a zip lock bag and throw it in your purse. You will want to high five yourself at 2 p.m. when you are having thoughts of “Chik-fil-a” chicken nuggets. These little hard boiled eggs will be your solutions and tide you over till dinner!

7. Peanut butter on a sandwich round – Cause its easy, doesn’t smell weird like the hard boiled eggs, easy to put in your purse, and it tastes great!

8. High quality energy bar (keep sugars below 10 grams)- you can grab these anywhere but just be VERY mindful of the sugars, artificial sweeteners, and look for ones that use whey protein instead of soy protein.

10. Grapes- Hello! Who doesn’t want a bag of grapes!

11. Beef jerky- my favorite is called “Krave.” My good trainer friend Jill introduced this to me. Just go Google it. It is clean, and it tastes amazing!!!

So moms. Life is NOT about perfectionism. Ice cream treats are ok. Sonic happy hour is a summer must for the kiddos. Remember this: when you drink a slushy it goes straight to your ... you know what. When you don't pack healthy snacks, you'll binge on the fastest thing you can get your hands on if your kids are driving you bonkers and your stomach is empty. Slow down, pack snacks for you. You matter.

p.s. your back side with thank you!