Are you a women suffering in silence everyday as you fear and avoid stepping on the scale EVEN THOUGH you know God says those shallow “things” do NOT define you? Do the negative words and messages from others play on repeat in your head on those bad days?

On some days it’s still a battle for me too, but God HAS put this NEW “thing” in my heart and I’m dying to share it with you.

It’s called the 7W FOCUS and when I’m diligent about following the daily principles God showed me, I literally face each day, week, and month with a more grounded security that I was “worth it” for Jesus. With that, the stupid number on the scale can’t touch me! That doesn’t mean I sometimes don’t get “triggered” by life circumstances, my dress size, and the rolls around my belly, but it DOES mean I know my worth is eternal and my body is literally a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Go check out how you can join my newly written program and work through it alongside me.

I’m looking for women ready to dive into this 8 week study with me. Check out the link in my comments.

Sign up! I hope this study helps bring healing to you like it has me.