5 exercise "cheats" for busy moms

1. Have you ever thought that going from a seated position to a standing position is an actual real life, applied version of a squat?

When you get up from a chair, decide to do it 10 times over and over. Do not use your hands to push off the chair. Put your hands out in from of you. If you are a working mom and you might sit at your desk all day, commit to doing this at your office desk every time you get up to copy and paper, fill your water bottle, or grab more coffee. If you did this at least 5 times thoughout your day then that would do 50 total squats and I am willing to bet your bum would look lifted and feel more firm within 2 months.

2. Vacuuming. Vacuuming is flat out a lunging house chore! Period. Stop walking while you push that vacuum and start lunging. Lunge into the corner, lunge as you push the vacuum under that coffee table. If you are a mom with a little baby, put him or her on your back in your baby carrier for added weight. Babies love to vacuum with mommies. If you vacuum twice per week and you lunged 25 times per cleaning session you'd be adding in and extra 50 multi-directional lunges each week. Plus, you would be totally sweaty once you were done vacuuming. Trust me. I have done this. It's a workout.

3. Grocery store fitness. Yes, I said it. Yes, I do it. When you are alone in the isle at the grocery store, push that cart and travel lunge down the bakery lane. You'll feel so proud of yourself! You might even inspire another mommy to do that same. It might be awkward but I promise it will be worth it. Pick just 2 isles and do 30 traveling lunges down it. That's 60 lunges while you're shopping. Talk about time management! That's the ultimate multi-tasking!

4. Let's talk cooking dinner moms! Seriously. What if you committed to doing push-ups at your kitchen courter while making dinner. Try this. Every time you open the fridge you then turn to the kitchen counter and do 15 push ups. If you did that 5 times during your dinner making mess, you would have done 75 push ups. If you did this only 3 days per week then thats and extra 225 inclined push ups per week. That would make a drastic difference in the way your arms look in less that 6 weeks.

5. Bouncing babies. Do you have a baby? Do you have an exercise ball? I promise this will be fun for your whole household. Everyone will laugh, giggle, and you'll get great shoulders in the process. Sit on your ball and hold your baby. Do 3 bounces and then on the 4th lift (carefully) your baby up in the air. Remember that your baby's brain is fragile and you need to lift... not toss you baby in the air! Plus, in order to get a shoulder burn and create nice muscle definition, you must lift.

Have fun,