10 things healthy moms do on the weekends

I mean, come on. This thing called life sometimes leaves us longing for a day to sleep in. For a mom, weekends are like a big glass of iced tea, a hammock on a breezy day, a porch swing with the love of your life…

NO WAIT- let me start again. I was dreaming just for a second. That’s how it was in our 20’s. Dreamy Days are OVER ladies!

Take two:

When does a mom get a day to sleep in, wake up and snuggle with her hubby, or drink coffee in a big cozy blanket? Most of the time it’s like a mad dash getting through the week followed by a “brace yourself feeling” as you head into the weekend activates. We moms wake up on Monday morning with a weekend hangover that did not include beer bongs and Jell-O shots. And, you might as well forget it if you tried to fit in a date night and stay out past 10 p.m. Just forget it. You are toast, not toasted, just toast…. Which might be what you wake up to burning in the kitchen because your 6 year old decided to make his TOAST when you didn’t even open your eyes at the sound of your alarm clock on Sunday morning. (pretty sure that was a run-on sentence but deal with it… I am in a mommy fog).

It’s a true story. You know you relate. It’s our story and we keep going, and going, and going. Frankly, Energizer should have retired the pink fuzzy bunny a long time ago and replaced it with a spaced-out-smiling-mom marching across the screen as she pounded the drum of life. That would have been the best marketing EVER! What does a bunny have to do with energy anyway?

I know lots of moms. I am a mom. I know tired moms. I know crazy moms. I know organized moms. I know spastic forgetful moms (raise your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care, girls!). I know fashionable moms. I know insecure moms. I know gentle moms. I know strict Sargent like moms.

AND, I know healthy moms. I know lots of healthy moms.

In my time as a mom I have observed and been mentored by many different moms who have gone before me. God has an amazing gift for putting the “just right” moms around you through each stage in life. The moms that have made the biggest impact on my life are the healthy ones. I have watched, I have observed, I have adopted their practices. I have cheered them on. Many of all the “things” I have learned from healthy moms.

Check it out. How many are you doing on the weekends?

  1. Healthy moms look at their busy weekend schedule and schedule in their own workouts to fit around the weekend craziness. Not always, but often this requires that mama to get up at 5 a.m. on a Saturday or a Sunday.

  2. A healthy mom keeps an organized weekend schedule that is often time colored for each child and each activity.

  3. Every healthy mom I know ALWAYS packs a cooler of healthy fruits, snacks and munchies for her family to devour during an eight hour swim meet, dance competition, or all day tournament.

  4. A healthy mom finds time to check out and do something for herself. A run, coffee and a book, dinner with friends. This is a weekend must. Healthy moms know the value of renewing their hearts, minds, and spirits so that they can be the best version of themselves to their family.

  5. Healthy moms plan their weekly meals and grocery shop around a list.

  6. Healthy moms prep for their weekly meals on the weekends so that dinner nights are NOT drive – thru!

  7. Healthy moms DON’T weigh themselves all weekend long

  8. Healthy moms choose to go for a walk during long weekend sports activities.

  9. Healthy moms count calories even on the weekends. They log in their “mommy drinks” too.

  10. Healthy moms offer other moms encouragement and grace. They avoid gossip, shame, and drama.

Boom to the weekend. How many of these do you practice on the weekends?

Love, Mendy


I included a short video for your viewing pleasure. Moms in your 40's. Laugh! You know you remember these commercials interrupting your favorite 90210 episodes.