To all the Jesus loving women . . .

Who are passionate about their walk with Christ but after a long day at the office, changing diapers, or carpooling, don’t have the energy to cook dinner, bring cookies to the neighbor, host a bible study, exercise, and have stamina left to pour into her kids or husband, I’ve got a question for you . . .


What’s the difference between having the health and energy you need to love your family, impact your community, serve Jesus, and enjoy a long Saturday hike . . .


. . . and being bone weary and exhausted by 6pm, ordering pizza for dinner, and vegging in front of Netflix every night before you force yourself awake each day with caffeine and sugar to do it all over again?

If you guessed . . .

  • Having good genetics and being one of those naturally thin people who have never struggled a day in their lives with their waistline . . . you’d be wrong. 

  • Having a housekeeper, a service delivering delicious, healthy meals to your door, a personal trainer, a nanny, a super supportive husband and extended family who always showed up for you, and loads of free time . . . you’d also be wrong.

  • Having inspirational before and after photos of girls who became bikini models taped to your mirror and measuring every morsel of food until at last you found inner happiness and looked like them - good news - that’s not it either. 


You see, the truth is having a pile of cash and everything pre-done for you, the right genetics, or shaming yourself skinny won’t pave the way to the confidence and energy you crave to live your life with passion. 

Here’s what you need to know about loosing weight, keeping it off, and having oodles of energy in 2020 without dedicating your every waking moment to the task.


Most popular diets promote dramatic before and after photos and body discontent as a motivator for healthy life style change. However, half of dieters will regain what they lost within the first year, and most of the rest will gain it back within 3 years.


Get your body swimsuit ready!

Flatten your abs and feel confident!


Tell that to the researchers who found that promoting body discontent induce harm and results in less favorable lifestyle choices long term. 

The truth is, you may be able to hate yourself into some weight loss, but that hate won’t keep it off.  

But since you’re on this page, in a couple of clicks you won’t have to worry about that anymore. 

Why you’re exhausted and anxious, and can’t seem to loose weight or keep it off, instead of living with the health and wellness God created you with:

1. You’re trying to do it all at once.

40% of the actions you take each day are unconscious habits engrained in your brain. When you try and overhaul all your health habits, your brain physically can’t handle that much rewiring at once, get’s exhausted, and eventually you give up. Lasting health is not a sprint, it’s built by layering daily habits one at a time. 


2. You’re focused on external motivators.

A reunion, vacation, how your pants will fit, or how you compare to that super fit girlfriend of yours, can all motivate you in the short term, but once you’ve reached your external motivation, there will be nothing internal to keep you going.

​3. You’re trying to figure it out on your own.

Shame often keeps us alone it the battles we face. It’s the enemies #1 strategy, isolate the weak ones and pick them up. God created us for community, to support each other, share what we know, and pray for one another. 

4. You’re separating your health and your faith.

It’s like putting a bandaid on your knee to help your stomach feel better. God didn’t create our bodies, minds, and spirits as separate pieces, but all part of a beautiful whole. To truly find lasting freedom and wellness, invite God into your journey completely, there is so much more he wants for you.

But there’s good news . . .

Loosing weight, having more energy and confidence, and getting fit to honor Jesus is easier than ever because you can invite the Holy Spirit into your journey.

You've already read this far so you know centering your health and fitness around Jesus and his love for you is crucial for long lasting results and true joy.

Health that allows you to:

Keep up with your kids on vacation at the lake; swimming, hiking, and chasing after them without worrying about injuring or embarrassing yourself, getting winded after a half mile, or needing 3 naps just to function. You do this while wearing your favorite swim suit, and being preoccupied with making family memories together, and not who you'll hide behind in pictures.

Look forward to stepping on the scale each morning, knowing that it is simply a measure that can help you on your journey and not the enemy or definition of your worth. You can turn and look in the full length mirror and marvel at how beautiful God made you and smile in gratitude at the body he gave you to do your work in this world.

Love making time for yourself and the Lord without guilt, and naturally are able to give to others from this fullness. With all your extra energy, you feel complete freedom to volunteer at church, go help your neighbor with her groceries, or go across the world on a mission trip without worrying about your health or stamina.

But what you might not know is there is a simple 7 habit system based on the gospel that has the power to help you:

Never buy bigger pants again because you've learned to layer healthy habits slowly that stick with you for the rest of your life.

Love the fitting room (and yourself) again, no matter what size you are. 

Whip up grocery lists and healthy meals without breaking a sweat, like you had a had a personal assistant helping, but that was actually just your awesome plans. 

It's called the . . .

Fitness Bible Study Program

With a focus on 7-Word Habits, it has the power to transform all areas of your life

Wake up:

Apply what the Bible says about sleep and leap out of bed each morning well rested, and ready to tackle even the hairiest day. 


Soak in the Living Water and my tips for drinking water and poop better, look so young you get called Miss at the store, jump start your weight loss, and radiate the fullness of Jesus. 


Let the word of God penetrate so deeply that when negative thoughts of flabby thighs, jiggly arms, and "fat girl" arise, you take them captive and cut them down knowing that your are doing amazing on your journey at Jesus is crazy about you.


Apply what the Bible says about strength and movement, along with a huge variety of workouts from Mendy, and you will be shocked at how much you love moving your body and the natural mood boost that will have you loving even the most difficult family member.