Gospel Centered Health Bible Study

Living Fit to Honor Jesus

We invite God to guide our marriages, pray for wisdom when raising our children, and ask for blessings in our business ventures. 

Why don’t we invite Him into our health and fitness journey?


Women allow social media and magazines to define how our bodies should look. We try every fad diet that rolls across our screens, and beat our bodies into submission with workouts that are not sustainable. As a result, we develop negative relationships with the scale and feel hopeless about losing weight. Eventually we can feel exhausted, anxious, and depressed.


In contrast, Gospel Centered Health recognizes that God wants to be at the center of our entire lives - including our health! This eight week Bible study takes a holistic approach to healthy living. You will discover principles that can help you sleep better, reduce anxiety, increase energy, and lose weight, all while having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

As a certified trainer, former gym owner, and with formal education in Christian Counseling, Mendy takes a unique approach to health that truly honors our design as daughters of God. The Gospel Centered Health Bible Study is perfect for church groups, girlfriends, and individuals to go through together.  It includes 40 Bible-based lessons, 8 video trainings, a private facebook community, 3 month website membership, and workouts and recipes to give a spiritual and health transformation that truly lasts, all for a one time fee of $49.

Kay Bradley

Mendy is an exceptional, God inspired woman. Everything she does is prayerfully thought about, love her!

Ashley Christian

Mendy teaches through her personal journey making fitness an idol, and then recentering on God. She is authentic and passionate and her ministry has truly changed my life and health.

Janna Brown

Her fitness, God, Bible, and personal skills and knowledge are second to none. She is grace and strength when you need her.