Hi, I'm Mendy.

I teach women how to turn their body shaming and

yo-yo dieting into life long healthy living for Jesus.

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If you've ever told yourself "suck it up buttercup and get back on that treadmill", but time and again ended up secretly crying in the back of the Dairy Queen parking lot shoveling spoonfuls of ice cream into your mouth, you're not alone.

The FREE 5-Day Fitness Bible Study download will give you your self worth back. Reading what God says about you, will give you the internal motivation to sustain lasting healthy change.


>> Never feel shame again from failed yo-yo dieting.

>> Rid yourself of the "I look gross" self talk when trying on swimsuits and skinny jeans.

>> Understand that God wants to take this fitness journey along side you. 

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Fitness Bible Study


It's difficult to live out your God given passions when you're low on energy and confidence, but measuring ourselves against the impossible fitness standards of our culture isn't healthy either. The Fitness Bible Study Program is a holistic, biblically based 8-week program to take you from overwhelmed and hopeless to vibrant, strong, and truly healthy from the inside out.   

40 Bible Based Lessons

Weekly Video Trainings

Private Facebook Community

Lifetime Website Membership

Workouts + Recipes

Perfect for church groups, girlfriends, and individuals to work through together!


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Kelly, mother of 4

“I was tired of people asking me if I was going to have another baby.” She decided to work with Mendy and get healthy, and ended up effecting her family too. Her 4 kids now ask for spinach and natural peanut butter and doing lunges with her. Her husband has joined her and is noticing a big difference in the way he feels, his energy, and is buying new pants. Together Kelly and her husband have lost 20 pounds total. "I was having some health problems and Mendy suggested I read a book, so I did and cut out gluten and I haven’t had any problems since then", says Kelly. "Thank you Mendy!" 

Ashley Christian

"I've been struggling with food and weight loss for years. I've tried every trick in the book and always feel like I don't measure up to some of my super fit friends or those bikini selfies. This study gave me a different perspective and mindset that I desperately needed."

Marlene: Fitness Bible Study Program Leader at her church

“Gospel Centered Health is a life changer because it transforms the way you think about staying healthy.  I used to think I wanted to be healthy so I could be the best version of myself and so I could be there for my family.  Those are some pretty good reasons, but there is an even better reason to live a healthy life style. Mendy helped me to reframe my thinking so that the Gospel is the foundation upon which I consider my health.  There is no better foundation upon which to build anything.”


The Gospel Centered Health Podcast!

Practical tips and topics from personal trainer Mendy, encouragement to center your health and fitness on the gospel of grace, and inspiring stories of women doing great things for God in the midst of adversity.

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